Friends Til The End

Meet my best friend…. we met at 10 years old and have been besties ever since!  When there was snow in the forecast, I would pack a bag and sleep over her house in the hopes that we would get snowed in together.  She would leave magazines on my side of the bed because I was always awake several hours before her eyes would open.  I shopped in her closet ; blew dry her hair; talked about boys – for hours; laughed hysterically; cried hysterically.  I was there the night she met this cute guy in a leather baseball jacket.  We were sophomores in high school.  Really, it’s all history from there!  I was one of the first people to receive the text message showing the dozens and dozens of roses he placed in her NY studio apartment the night he proposed.   We partied together on her bachelorette weekend and I walked down the aisle as a bridesmaid in her wedding.  I remember meeting her and her hubby at the mall one afternoon with my newborn in the baby bjorn.  They told me they were expecting their first baby.  I cried.  I was so excited for her to experience, once again, the same thing I had just gone through- pregnancy, labor, and holding your baby in your arms.

Our photo session was so fun.  More comfortable than most sessions, of course.  These boys, although I don’t get to see them enough, are like family to me.  As I culled their images, it was very emotional.  All these years, all this time, all these life experiences…. and here we are.  Being able to capture this time in their lives is so special to me.  For this is the very reason I decided to do what I do.

philadelphia_family_photographermain_line_ child_ photographerphiladelphia_family_photographermain_line_photographer


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