My goal with every portrait session is to create timeless memories for your family. I know that we are in a digital age and many people want access to the digital files for archives and personal reprinting, but I also want to provide you with beautiful portrait art that you can share and look at for years to come.

There are a variety of ways to display your images as works of art. Any type of print you choose will always be better than having your images sitting on your computer! We offer several unique options for you to choose from based on your style and home decor.

Framed Gallery Wrapped Canvas or Metal

Elevate a traditional wall art piece by adding a gorgeous frame. Your art will make an impact with these unique and timeless pieces.

Beginning at $390 for 11×14″


Images are printed and adhered to a wood block (instead of being printed directly on the wood) so photographs retain their high quality. Covered with a protective layer for water and light resistance, each block is created to stand the test of time. The protection layer adds a unique look and the subtle charm of a painted piece.

Beginning at $185 for 11×14″ or 8×8″ round

Double Hanging rectangles (perfect for nursery door!) – Total size 14″x12″ ~ $245

Framed Fine Art

Images are printed on high quality photo paper and are sprayed with a special coating to protect from finger prints and sun damage. They are mounted for durability and protected with archival glass.

Beginning at $305 for 11×14″