Maternity Portraits Prep Guide


You’ve just made the choice to do something for yourself that will have you feeling empowered, fierce, feminine, and beautiful.

These maternity portraits will preserve a moment in time when your body was performing something truly magical.

Now let’s start the fun! Here is a timeline to help guide you through the process from the day you book until the main event.

Once your session is booked…

If you haven’t already, start saving, pinning, screen shotting any images that speak to you. Whether it’s wardrobe, lighting, posing, etc. Even if you don’t know what you like about it, I will be able to see a pattern and that helps guide us in creating our visions for your session.

In the days leading up to your styling consult…

Organize your thoughts. I will ask you questions like:

“How much skin do you want to show?”
“What colors do you love?”
“What is your go-to date night outfit?”
“How would you describe your overall style fashion wise?”
“Where are your favorite places to shop for clothing?”

Start thinking about tans lines (especially if it’s summer time) from bathing suits and Apple watches. Try to even them out if you can!

Several days before your scheduled session…

Lay out all of your clothes and make sure they are wrinkle free and all under garments are accounted for.

Consider a mani/pedi or make sure your hands and feet are neat and photo worthy.

Spray tan? Well, this is a tricky one. Let’s face it, everyone looks good with a tan! However, sometimes spray tans can go all wrong and make us look orange or streaky. If you decide on one, please choose a natural/light tone. If you forego the faux tan, rest assured I can warm up your skin or make your tummy match your chest in post processing. Not an issue!

If you don’t already, be sure to start moisturizing your skin – legs, arms, knees, elbows.

Day before session…

Wash your hair. Please do not wash your hair the morning of the session! Dirty hair holds styles easier than clean hair.

Check that all clothing, under garments and jewelry is packed and ready. Maybe even throw a snack or two in your bag just in case. Being a model is hard work and you may get hungry!

Session Day!

Lotion up the bod first thing so it has time to soak in and you won’t feel greasy.

Put on something loose and flowy. Try to avoid tight socks, elastic waists, hair ties on wrist, apple watches… anything that might leave indentations on your skin.

If you tend to get blood shot eyes or just crave a super white eye, throw some drops in! I LOVE Lumify. It’s like magic!

See you at the studio!
901 E Lancaster Ave
2nd Floor (Above Medi Weight Loss)
Berwyn, PA 19312